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Fertilizer Optimization Tools

OFRA research is generating fertilizer response curves and reviewing findings from previous research. This data is mapping out the relationship between the application of nutrients and the crops produced.

One of the key outputs of this work is the development of over 60 Fertilizer Optimisation Tools. This approach differs from much of the previous work because it assumes that farmers should be pursuing profit maximisation and not maximising the yield. So, smallholders are led through a series of questions about what they need to grow and what they feel crops will be worth at the end of the season. This helps to shape their crop choices and decide on how to place inputs including guidelines on fertilizer.

The film, Optimizing Fertilizer use in Uganda, gives a detailed description of how the Fertilizer Optimization Tool works. The tool is available in both English and French languages.

Fertilizer Optimization Tool – English

Fertilizer Optimization Tool – French

The Fertilizer Optimization Tools have been customized within countries to reflect the agro-ecological zones that exist.

The Fertilizer Optimization Tools will work on any PC, and for areas where this is not practical, look up tables can be created.

Fertilizer optimization tools. This table contains links to the database of country by country FOTs. The number reflect the number of different agro-ecological zones modelled in each country. There are two versions of the FOT Excel and paper-based versions for situations where computers are not available. Both versions are accessed via the OFRA databased and the link will direct you to these resources on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln website. The link on the right hand side is to a promotional leaflet for each FOTs available housed on this website.

Mongraphs promoting the FOT approach

Films promoting the FOT

Farmers describe the change in yield as a result of using the FOT

Farmers to benefit from innovations in fertilizer dispensing

Ministry of Food and Agriculture holds seminar on fertilizer in Ghana – Courtesy of Modern Ghana

A fertilizer optimization tool undergoes validation in KenyaCourtesy of KBC

Now your phone can tell how to use fertilizer for more profit –  Courtesy of Daily Nation – Kenya

Now your phone can tell how to use fertilizer for more profitPDF version