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1 Cropping guides

ASHC produces two guides to cropping systems. The first are called ISFM cropping system guides and the second are called technical briefs. Both are produced using participatory process facilitated by the ASHC team. Cropping guides are developed by leading practitioners from the scientific research community.  Technical briefs are developed in write-shops that are multi-disciplinary and may include scientists, extension workers, gender experts, farmers representatives and private sector input supply specialists.

ISFM cropping system guidesThese are generic principles for applying ISFM to a specific cropping system.

Technical briefs and messaging guidesThese are specific to a crop and an agro-ecological zone. During the life of a campaign, or a series of campaigns the technical briefs can change.  This can be as a result of feedback from extension that informs the messages, changes in the input regulations (new products becoming available or old products  withdrawn) or the emergence of farmer-led, or research-led, innovations.