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The campaign-led approach, advocated by the CABI-led African Soil Health Consortium, involves a large number of different types of organisations working together. The organisations take different roles, each making an important contribution to outputs and outcomes of the projects. There are unique partnerships in each country with different funding models for the work programs. The priority countries for ASHC are Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia in the East and Ghana and Nigeria in the West. This is not an exclusive list – but it does denote where the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant will be invested. Other countries will be included subject to successful fundraising and responding to needs highlighted by partners and funders.

The ASHC team usually help to facilitate the partnership formation and development, and work towards a consensus on the common messages drawn from a technology brief that sets out a shared vision of the best approaches for small-scale farmers. The ASHC team also contributes to the plan for media and interpersonal approaches.  This requires a balance between the need to reach farming households at scale,  whilst also creating experiments with different combinations of media and interpersonal approaches for research purposes. In Nigeria the ASHC team has invited to join existing partnerships, here the team will concentrate on delivering the internal and development communications work program.

ASHC defines the four roles carried out by partners as:

  • Knowledge partners (K) with proven technologies, or practices, to share
  • Research partners (R) that work with the team to learn lessons and assess outcomes
  • Input partners (I) that are keen to establish sustainable supply chains for the required inputs – usually private sector
  • Delivery partners (D) using different media and/or interpersonal approaches to reach farmers

Partners may contribute to one or all of these roles. Membership of the partnership are open and the membership and roles evolve over time.  Where it is mutually beneficial new organisations join the scale-up campaigns, or collaborate on monitoring, learning and evaluation activities. Contact George Oduor at CABI if you have ideas for partnering with the ASHC or CABI communications team.

In addition the communications campaigns, the ASHC team has been coordinating the OFRA project in 13 sub-Saharan countries, exploring new recommendations/guidelines for profit maximisation from investment in fertilizer.

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