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Partners in Ghana

Campaigns (Projects)


K R I D Role in the project
1 University for Development Studies  Soybean (GALA)  K  R     Support the research elements of GALA including provide support for survey activities. Strengthen linkages with Legume Alliance stakeholders at national level and SAILRA Learning Alliance.(SC)
2 IITA  Soybean (GALA)  K  R    
3 i-Logix Soybean (GALA)    R    D Provide research capacity (SC)
4 N2Africa  Soybean (GALA)  K  R  I  D
5 Green-Ef – Village Limited Soybean (GALA)  K    I   Private sector value chain partner with IITA-N2Africa (JP)
6 AgDevCo Ghana Limited Soybean (GALA)      I   Value chain partner with IITA-N2Africa for the DFID funded Ghana Greenfields Program (JP)
7 SEND-GHANA Soybean (GALA)   I Value chain partner with IITA-N2Africa for the Food Security Through Co-operatives In Northern Ghana (FOSTERING) Project – Other partners: Ghana Co-operative Credit Unions Association (CUA) & Canadian Co-operative Association (JP)
8 Youth Advocacy on Rights and Opportunities (YARO) Soybean(GALA)   I Value chain partner with IITA-N2Africa (JP)
9 Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) Soybean (GALA)  K   I Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Soybean Value Chain Research partner with IITA-N2Africa (JP)
10 SARI Soybean (GALA)  K    I  

ASHC defines the four roles carried out by partners as:

  • Knowledge partners (K) with proven technologies, or practices, to share
  • Research partners (R) that work with the team to learn lessons and assess outcomes
  • Input partners (I) that are keen to establish sustainable supply chains for the required inputs – usually private sector
  • Delivery partners (D) using different media and/or interpersonal approaches to reach farmers

Note: N2Africa has an established network of formalized partnerships partners in Ghana which spans NGO-Value Chain actors and private sector chain actors. This network provides a link with major value chain initiatives in both countries. It has been established through previous and ongoing projects and programmes but now forms part of GALA.