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Partners in Ghana

Crops in the project


K R I D Role in the project
1 University for Development Studies  Soybean   K  R     Support the research elements of GALA including provide support for survey activities. Strengthen linkages with Legume Alliance stakeholders at national level and SAILRA Learning Alliance.(SC)
2 IITA  Soybean   K  R  I    (JP/SC)
3 I-Logix Soybean     R    D Provide research capacity (SC)
4 N2Africa  Soybean   K  R  I  D  Partner with joint GALA objectives (JP)
5 Green-Ef – Village Limited Soybean   K    I   Private sector value chain partner with IITA-N2Africa (JP)
6 ACDI-VOCA Soybean I VC-Partner with IITA-N2Africa for the Ghana Agriculture Development and Value Chain Enhancement Program (ADVANCE-II) (JP)
7 International Centre for Soil Fertility and Agricultural Development (IFDC) Soybean I VC-Partner with IITA-N2Africa for The Feed the Future USAID Agricultural Technology Transfer Project (FTF-USAID-ATT) – (JP)
8 AgDevCo Ghana Limited Soybean       I   VC-Partner with IITA-N2Africa for the DFID funded Ghana Greenfields Program (JP)
9 SEND-GHANA Soybean    I VC-Partner with IITA-N2Africa for the Food Security Through Co-operatives In Northern Ghana (FOSTERING) Project – Other partners: Ghana Co-operative Credit Unions Association (CUA) & Canadian Co-operative Association (JP)
10 Youth Advocacy on Rights and Opportunities (YARO) Soybean   I VC-Partner with IITA-N2Africa (JP)
11 Countrywise Communications Ghana Soybean K D Production and dissemination of video materials (SC)
12 Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) Soybean   K   I Working with GALA to explore the development and of supply and demand for mechanisation services
13 YARA I To support strong sales and distributorship network of ‘P’ fertilizer while providing agricultural extension support for farmers based on their Crop Nutrition Approach (JP)
 14  Heritage Seed Soybean  I Sale of soybean seed (JP)
15 Selian Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) Soybean  K       Contribute to the bean and soybean technology brief; provide guidance on the content for radio and SMS and provide on air experts in radio programs and recruit farmers for surveys and SMS pilots. (A)

ASHC defines the four roles carried out by partners as:

  • Knowledge partners (K) with proven technologies, or practices, to share
  • Research partners (R) that work with the team to learn lessons and assess outcomes
  • Input partners (I) that are keen to establish sustainable supply chains for the required inputs – usually private sector
  • Delivery partners (D) using different media and/or interpersonal approaches to reach farmers

Note: N2Africa has an established network of formalized partnerships partners in Ghana which spans NGO-Value Chain actors and private sector chain actors. This network provides a link with major value chain initiatives in both countries. It has been established through previous and ongoing projects and programmes but now forms part of GALA.