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ASHC is part of  the IITA-led African Cassava Agronomy Initiative working specifically in Nigeria.

ASHC defines the four roles carried out by partners as:

  • Knowledge partners (K) with proven technologies, or practices, to share
  • Research partners (R) that work with the team to learn lessons and assess outcomes
  • Input partners (I) that are keen to establish sustainable supply chains for the required inputs – usually private sector
  • Delivery partners (D) using different media and/or interpersonal approaches to reach farmers

IITA has pulled together a diverse partnership including:


Role in the project 

  • Work stream 1: Research on cassava growth dynamics, nutrient and water requirements, and responsiveness to inputs comprises all strategic research activities essential to deliver on the outputs of work stream 3
  • Work stream 2: Development of geo-spatial cassava agronomy information base
  • Work Stream 3: Development of decision support tools
  • Work Stream 4: Use of decision-support tools by primary and other partners
  • Work stream 5: Capacity development of national institutions to engage in transformative cassava agronomy R4D
1 ASHC-CABI    R    D

Strategic partner: Working in partnerships and coordinate scaling up campaigns on ACAI products and partners; Broadening the ACAI partner base and informing partners on program progress; supporting  development of information including technology briefs (engaging with international/national partners to agree on regional variations); coordinating scaling-up campaigns on ACAI products and partners and implementing complementary MLE activity.

2 AATF  K  

Collaborating on the Cassava Mechanization and Agro-Processing (CAMPAP) project deliverable CAMAP’s focus is to enhance cassava production through mechanisation and processing technologies for improvements in food security, incomes and livelihoods for farmers, processors and marketers in the cassava sector.

3 International Plant Nutrition Index (IPNI) K       



Strategic partner work stream 1: Leading the development and drafting of site-specific nutrient expert systems, fertilizer-blending information the Nutrient Expert for cassava.

 4 CIAT  K  R  I  

Development partner work steam 1: Developing  of a cassava mono-crop and inter-crop model, based on the DSSAT software package. Adapting, calibrating and validating the draft cassava mono-crop model for Africa and integrating an intercropping module.

 5 AfSIS  K       Strategic partners – work stream 2, 3 & 4 : Providing geo-spatial layers and geo-spatial analysis, unbiased geo-spatial sampling frames, and soils information to support the delineation of recommendation domains. Working in close cooperation with the IITA GIS specialist and GIS contacts within the NARS.
6 Catholic University of Leuven,Belgium  K      

Work stream 5: Leading PhD supervision and planning and implementing various activities (mainly under work stream 1).

7 Federal Institute of Technology Switzerland  K       Work stream 5: Leading PhD supervision and planning and implementing various activities (mainly under work stream 1).

University of Florida, USA

 K       Work stream 5: Leading PhD supervision and planning and implementing various activities (mainly under work stream 1).

Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands

 K       Work stream 5: Leading PhD supervision and planning and implementing various activities (mainly under work stream 1).

Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (CAVA II)

 K    I  D

Development partner: Project based in Abeokuta, Nigeria running from 2014 to 2019.



 K  R  I  D Development partner: Initiative between Psaltry International Company Ltd is a Nigerian cassava processing company and Towards Sustainable Clusters in Agribusiness through Learning in Entrepreneurship (2SCALE) project with 6 clusters identified and in operation in Oho State – located within 50km of the factory.

SASAKAWA Global 2000 (SG2000)

     D Development partner: An international NGO promoting improved agriculture technology to farmers using value chain approach, exploring intercropping of cassava with maize or groundnut or yam or potatoes; fertiliser tool for intercropping and pacing for intercropping.

Oyo State Cassava Growers Association (OYSCGA)

 K  R    

Development partner: Making use of available materials/tools to achieve the project goals.


Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

     I  D

Development partner: Sustainable Cassava Seed System (SCSS) project, operates in Benue and Oyo states (4 Local Government Area (LGAs) each). Proposed intervention areas for ACAI: Fertilizer recommendation tool and test planting practices tool.


Cassava Source Sink (CASS)

 K    I   Strategic partner – mainly work stream 1: Quantitative measurements e.g. IONS, sugars and starch, Amino acids and other metabolites and Information exchange e.g. gene expression, regulated pathways
 16 National Root Crops Research Institute (NRCRI)  N  R     National partner

Federal University of Nigeria for Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB)

 K  R     National partner

Notore Chemical Industries 

     I  D National partner: Produce and distribute fertilizer and other farm inputs.