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Cassava resources & making posters that work

Material matters is a bi-monthly feature which reviews materials that can be freely downloaded from the ASHC website. This month we are reviewing the cassava resources you might find useful. We are also featuring some poster formats to coincide with the recent publication of the Media Guide: Making farmer-friendly posters and the template to help you make your own poster.


The Cassava Nutrient Management Guide is a 12 page guide that provides details of nutrient management practices supporting cassava production. It focuses on fertilizer and organic matter use and good agricultural practices such as intercropping.

The Cassava Cropping Guide is a practical 64 manual focusing on good agricultural practices for cassava production that promote integrated soil fertility management.

To find the right format for you to download including French and Portuguese language versions visit the cropping guides section of the ASHC toolkit.

Farm Radio has shared the FRI Backgrounder: Cassava post-harvest activities. This includes key information on cassava post-harvest activities including processing raw cassava roots into chips; making high quality flour, making starch and some marketing issues.

There are also some campaign materials –  – you will find many more when you search the materials library:

•  35 SMS for a cassava campaign  – SMS is a great way to reach farmers – here are 35 messages for you to adapt developed by the UPTAKE team

• There is a selection of Pest factsheets for example on cassava brown streak disease, cassava phytoplasma diseases or cassava green mite but also check out the Roots and tuber crop pests and diseases – summary cards

A cassava production – leaflet developed for farmers in Ghana
Growing cassava – flip chart – this innovative format has a text on the back of each page setting out the key learning points for each stage from land preparation to post-harvest

Posters that work

The ASHC team has developed a Media Guide to making farmer-friendly poster. This guide helps you work through the steps you need to follow to produce a poster that will help farmers get the information they need. We also have a template for making a simple poster in PowerPoint.

You can search the ISFM media library and check the box posters to see a wide range of posters designed by ASHC and their partner organizations.  Here are just a few examples…



How to inoculate soyabean posterposter

ISFM poster