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Do-it-yourself posters with help from ASHC

16 June 2017: The ASHC team has developed a media guide to producing poster and a template in PowerPoint so that anyone can now make a simple campaign poster.

The media guide using material developed by CABI to show different approaches to media design. It also talks through the major steps to consider when developing a poster – either a do it yourself design or to support the production of a brief for a designer.

The poster template is one of series of easy to use templates to help non-designers create new print materials. Products available currently include:

ASHC has been working to develop a toolkit which will allow researchers, extension agents, NGOs and others to create their own print materials. The resources now consist of a series of cropping guide and technical briefs that can be used to validate the technical content of the messages shared with farmers,  a library that has hundreds of exemplar materials, in many different formats, which can act as inspiration and a growing selection of media guides – the latest of which covers how to make a poster.

If ASHC is to have a long-term legacy it must champion many different farmer-friendly approaches to sharing information. This means the right technologies explained with clear action points farmers can adopt and adapt. ASHC has now tried to demystify the design process. These PowerPoint templates are a first attempt at helping people design their own printed material. As the project find other successful print formats, from our monitoring and evaluation, they will be added to this portfolio of templates and our media guides will be revised and updated.