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Soybean training days at Tanzania demo plots

21 April: SILT partner David Kijazi, from the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership, writes:

The team at the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership  has organized a new round of farmers’ field days at the soybean demonstration sites in Southern Tanzania. 

We will be carrying out 8 training days at the end of April/ beginning of May. Last year we attracted 1,133 people at the 15 field days. The events were popular and there is evidence from our return visits that some of the technologies are being adapted by people as a result of the demonstrations.

SILT 2016 AFAP - Image Field day

Attendees at the common bean farmers’ field day in 2016

Each demo plot is around an acre we have contracted local farmers and farmer groups supported by the extension service to ensure that good agronomic practices are followed in line with the technical brief. The extension service in each locality also help us to select a suitable location for the demonstration plot and provide organizational and logistical support for the farmer training days.

Ruvuma Region

24 April              Namtumbo District

25 April              Madaba District

Njombe Region

26 April             Makambako Town

27 April              Makete District

Mbeya Region

28 April             Mbeya rural district,

29 April             Chunya district

Iringa Region

01 May              Iringa Rural District

02 May              Kilolo District

We are building on a successful model of training delivery from last year with our common bean training days.  One change that we are making is to introduce a more systematic approach to collecting basic demographic data from the people that attend the training days including mobile phone contact details so that they can be followed up in a systematic way.

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