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ASHC website gets new tools section

‘The ASHC website is being overhauled to make it more user-friendly” noted James Watiti, from ASHC. He explains, a big commitment within ASHC is to support the development of ISFM materials using tools developed by the ASHC team and their partners.  We have pulled all of these tools together into one section of the website.”

The tools section is designed to help anyone produce good ISFM related materials.

There are three sections to the tools:

The Fertilizer Tools are designed to help you to calibrate fertilizer guidelines/recommendations  in a farmer-friendly way and produce guidelines for farmers that maximise the return on investment for farmers. We have also shared the field trial protocol used to set up the fertilizer response trials by the partners in the OFRA research project.

The Plantwise Pesticide Restriction Tool will ensure that you never recommend a product banned by an international treaty.

The Communication Tools offer hints and advice to create farmer-friendly ISFM information resources. The media production guides give practical advice on how to make the best possible information in range of different format including print and radio. There are also policy briefs and literature reviews that can give useful background context and information for the production of farmer-level information.

James concluded: “Any organisations that would like to share guides of this nature on the ASHC website should contact us to make arrangements. We also hope our partners and friends will link to these materials wherever this is appropriate.”