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5 new crop nutrient guides to download

24 March 2017 ASHC: 5 new guides provide details of nutrient management practices necessary for crop production. The guides focus on the principles of fertilizer (nutrients and micro-nutrients) and organic matter use and the application of good agricultural practices such as intercropping.

554 maize nutrient management guide553 cassava nutrient management guide552 banana nutrient management guide

The guides are designed for an extension audience and they can support the customisation of more specific information for particular territories and agro-ecological zones. The information is placed in the context of practical considerations of the farm, including additional labour requirements, weather conditions, fertiliser type and availability in the locality. The guides also presents farmer-friendly fertiliser recommendation tables and clear spacing requirements for mono-crops and intercropping.

The nutrient guides cover the following crops: 

Banana nutrient management guide (12 pages)

Cassava nutrient management guide (12 pages)

Maize nutrient management guide (20 pages)

Rice nutrient management guide (16 pages) 

Sorghum-millet nutrient management guide (20 pages)

They can be downloaded free of charge from the ISFM materials library

556 rice nutrient management guide . 555 sorghum:millet guide