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Write-shop – Tamale, Ghana

Write-shop: Improving soil health information for farmers and extensionists in Ghana

Purpose: ASHC working with AGRA, AGRA Grantees from the Savanna Agricultural Research Institute, Tamale, the University for Development Studies, Tamale and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture designed a 2-day write-shop to create some new integrated soil fertility management materials (day 3 field testing of the draft materials)

Context: There are some really exciting soil health projects in Ghana. Like elsewhere in Africa there is a challenge of packaging this information to achieve significant adoption of this new practice. This write-shop will seek to develop some sample suites of information materials and test the concepts in the field.

Objectives of the write-shop:

To get a complete suite of soil health information developed field-tested and into production-based on the priorities set by the participating organizations
Record any emerging practice or innovation in the way dissemination materials are produced
Other objectives to be decided on by the participants

ASHC delivery team: Jane Frances Asaba, Collins Marita with Duncan Sones

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