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18th CABI Review Conference – Littlemore, England

Conference: 18th CABI Review Conference – Growing to the global challenge: creating a sustainable future.’

Duration: 27-28 June 2013

Venue: Thames Four Pillars Hotel, Littlemore, Oxfordshire,

About the event: Following on from CABI’s regional consultations this event will outline how CABI plans to address the shared priorities of their member countries. The meeting will bring together member country governmental representatives and representatives from the international development and multinational arena. This will include Unilever talking about the importance they place on sustainable agriculture.

In 2013 CABI will be focusing on ‘growing’ solutions together to address member country’s needs, and the challenges faced in agriculture, trade and in improving livelihoods, sustainably.
ASHC role: to provide inspirational case study material about development communications
ASHC team member attending: Victor Clottey and Dannie Romney