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GALA blog

An insight into the development of the GALA project.

GALA taking shape in Tanzania

Silvia Silvestri, from CABI, explains that the Gender and the Legume Alliance (GALA) partners are planning to meet to kick-start the project in Tanzania … The GALA project will operate in Ghana and Tanzania. In Tanzania we are building on a strong body of work that has been developing over the past 18 months to […]

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Celebrating GALA success…

6 June 2016: Edward Baars and Minke Stadler introduce an exciting development for the Legume Alliance in Tanzania and plans for new work in Ghana… The project ‘Gender and the Legume Alliance: integrating multi-media communications approaches and input brokerage’ is implemented by CABI and N2Africa with grant support from the SAIRLA-programme. This five-year programme commissions research […]

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