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Phase 1 lessons shared in Newsletter on World Soil Day

The ASHC-newsletter-December- lessons from phase 1 is ready to share.  This 16 page issue was brought out to coincide with World Soil Day. The content includes:

  • Christian Witt reflection on the progress of ASHC
  • Partnership approaches add value
  • Lesson 1: ASHC working with the private sector
  • Lesson 2: Case notes on supporting IPNI to communicate better with farmers
  • Lesson 3: Case notes on working with Plantwise
  • Lesson 4: Case notes on working with OFRA
  • Reaching young people can influence them and their families
  • Lesson 5: Schools as a conduit for information to families
  • Lesson 6: Comics help drive better agronomy in Tanzania
  • Making materials with clear action points is challenging but necessary
  • Lesson 7: Farmer friendly materials matter
  • Lesson 8: Market survey on ASHC products and processes
  • Lesson 9: Needs assessment studies in Tanzania and Ethiopia
  • Lesson 10: Cropping system facilitation beats commissioning
  • Lesson 11: ASHC commissioned literature reviews
  • Repurposing materials bring added value and often innovative new products
  • Lesson 12: Printing materials remains important to supplement digital publications
  • Lesson 13: Production of slides based on the ISFM handbook as curriculum
  • support tools for universities
  • Sharing lessons and ISFM promotional material is essential for learning to be
  • possible
  • Lesson 14: ISFM materials library reaching a wider audience
  • Lesson 15: Innovative ways of sharing information sparked interest in ASHC