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ISFM materials library usage up

22 October 2015

During the period from June to September 2015 there were 923 downloads made from the ASHC website – primarily from the ISFM materials library.  This is nearly a fourfold increase on the preceding 4 months where only 225 downloads were reported.

James Watiti project manager for ASHC commented: “We are seeing a strong response to the materials in the ISFM library. We now have several hundred materials to download, across a broad spread of crops and approaches and the searches are intuitive and straightforward.

The materials in the ISFM library also seem be accessed well via search engines – making it likely this content will be found.

As we open up new partnerships word is spreading that this unique resources is here to be used and, consequently, we are seeing steady and significant growth in the number of materials being downloaded.”

library downloads