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FIPS-Africa to pilot Legume Alliance materials

FIPS-Africa is working in South Tanzania. In the area around Mbeya the main common bean season is in November/December with a second season in March. In the North the season starts in October and is very short. This gives the Legume Alliance the potential to enhance its pilot stage activity.

FIPS-Africa will use its network of village-based advisors to pilot the common bean materials developed for use by extension/ agro-dealers. The advisors are usually farmers who provide agricultural advice paid for by commission on goods they sell to their neighbours.

This would involve the varieties: Uyole Njano; Uyole Wanza and Uyole 94.

FIPS-Africa staff thinks that good yield increases can be achieved because currently the predominant approach is to scatter some beans between the maize. So,better varieties and better spacing will make a big difference.

This partnership means we can used media such as comics and posters alongside small pack trials and demonstration plots to see the combination of approaches that is most effective in making change happen. It would also build on the groundwork from Shujaaz in August and September this year.