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Soya Njano is the bean for home consumption…

A short radio series called INUKA was developed to start conversations with bean farmers in Tanzania. It was broadcast on Radio Free Africa, a station with nationwide coverage in Tanzania. The sixth  episode was broadcast on Sunday 12 July 2015 between 7:00 – 7:30 pm. It was commissioned by N2Africa and production co-ordinated by Farm Radio International.

The poll question were designed to understand the preferred bean variety for consumption and the reasons behind those preferences.

A total of 1030 listeners participated in the poll.

Question : “What bean variety do you normally consume at home?”

  • 474 (46%) respondents said soya njano
  • 202 (10%) respondents said Kitenge
  • 134 (13%) respondents said Soya Kijivu.
  • 75  (7%) respondents said they do not consume beans
  • 145 (14%) respondents mentioned other varieties including red beans, white beans, Rosecoco, Iringa, common beans, combat, black beans and Kishumbaa