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Shujaaz and maharage bingwa – August campaign

In August Shujaaz published the first Maharage Bingwa campaign materials. They produced a 6-page story in the Tanzania version of the comic and supported this with social media. The first story featured a hustle – a real champion bean grower who was visited by the comic book hero DJ-Tee.

The objective of the comic campaign was for fans to use the comic as a guide to their farming practise and be able to share the same information with others. It was also aimed at promoting the use of P fertilizers as well as the use of high yielding bean varieties. Additionally, it promoted better understanding of the importance of beans to soil fertility.

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The comics included an SMS Call-Out:

“You have heard about Liberati Mushi’s Hustle; If you would like to know more about Maharagwe Bingwa, send us an SMS.”

Shujaaz, so far, has received 192 messages on the SMS platform in response to this campaign. The recurring conversations were:

  • Questions on suitable soil
  • Questions on suitable climate
  • Questions on which season is best for growing these beans
  • Questions on which are the best varieties to grow
  • Complimenting Liberati Mushi (our featured bean farmer)

The strategy is to share tips and create conversation on beans business and agriculture in general.

23 posts were added to the Shujaaz Facebook pages and these generated a total of 195 comments, 2997 likes and 34 shares.

The recurring conversations were similar to those on SMS with additional questions on which season is best for growing these beans.

An example of a post is:

If you want to benefit from beans farming, you must talk to other farmers before you start, also note the good season is in March, although you can plant through the year if you plan well.” Generated 878 likes; 46 Comments and 7 Shares.

Find out what types of beans sell the most in the market before you decide which variety you wish to plant.” Generated 896 likes;23 Comments and 2 Shares.

Film material collected by Shujaaz when they interviewed the farmer Liberati Mushi in Moshi has been edited with Shujaaz graphics and music to create a film which can be seen on You Tube as of today the film had received 163 viewings.


The Shujaaz campaign report 

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