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Radio shout out to bean farmer

The Legume Alliance campaign is now really underway.  Farm Radio International, in partnership with radio station Sauti ya Injili, is recruiting farmers to grow maharage bingwa (champion beans).

A series of radio promotions will be broadcast from this week-end and they will say:

Introduction :         Threshing beans noises turned into a strong drum beat/song

Kiswahili  English
Habari Njema kwako wewe mkulima! Mbegu bora ya maharagwe sasa inakufikia Mpaka ulipo! Good news for you farmer! Improved bean seeds have now reached and are available!
Jifunze zaidi kuhusu aina ya mbegu na mbolea unayoweza kununua jiunge na kikundi cha wakulima awa maharage. Kuwa bingwa wa maharage! Find out more about the bean varieties and inputs you can buy – JOIN THE GROUP – Become a Bean Champion!

Usichelewe! Na wala usipoteze fursa hii ya kupata mbegu bora ambazo zinaweza kukapatia ,

-Mavuno mengi

– Afya na

uvumilivu wa magonjwa na

Mavuno bora na kukupatia bei kubwa katika soko

Do not delay! Do not lose this opportunity to buy improved seeds and inputs which can result in;

–           Higher yields

–           Healthy and disease resistant plants

–           AND higher quality beans that fetch a                     better price in the markets

Kuwa bingwa wa kilimo cha maharage kwa kutuma ujumbe mfupi wa maandishi wa neno BINGWA kwenda namba 15678.


Become a Bean Champion!  Send the word “Bingwa1” to 15678 – regular sms charges apply.
Ujumbe huu unatozawa gharama za kawaida kulingana na mtandao unaotumia This message will be charged at the standard text rate on your network.

Music and fade out …

The farmers who respond to this promotion will be interviewed by the Dar es Salaam call centre team working for iLogix. The team will profile the farm input needs of around 7,500 farmers. This information will be review to see the feasibility of developing services a supply for legume inputs. The data collected from this research exercise will be turned into a published in the report section of the ASHC website. The model developed, if successful will be applied to a wider range of products and services as an information brokerage – selling sales leads to product and service providers.

This promotion will be recording on monday and it should air five times a day starting Wednesday July 1st.

The response to the promotion will be monitored before is is broadcast on 3 more partner radio stations.