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ISFM library proves popular

3 April 2017: ASHC In the last month the ISFM materials library has grown –  it now shares 462 different materials. The new titles have also seen an increase in the downloads.

495 materials were downloaded from the ISFM materials library between 2 March and 2 April 2017.

The new OFRA book has proved popular – pushing them to the top of the down-load chart. The other activity at the top of the table is closely linked to the partner project are working with the ASHC team:

  • Soybean campaigns are being developed as part of SILT and GALA in Tanzania and Ghana.
  • Maize and cassava are UPTAKE crops in Tanzania (with cassava also part of the ACAI work in Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria), and a
  • Banana project in Uganda

These four crops accounts for around half the downloads – the rest have been drawn from the wide variety of materials available in the library. The downloads covered over 160 different titles from the library.

Table: Crop/subject breakdown of downloads from ISFM materials library in 30 days

Topic Number of downloads of various different materials
OFRA  70
Soybean  67
Coffee banana  49
Maize  45
Cassava  32
Common bean  30
Rice  24
ISFM principles  23
Sugar bean  20
African traditional/indigenous vegetables  19
Sorghum  18
Tubers (generic)  18
Legumes (generic)  14
Country profile  10
Cowpea  9
Project promotional materials  9
Compost  9
Millet  4
Cereals  2
Other  26