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Gender and approaches: some indicative information

21 March 2017 Dannie Romney, ASHC project executive shares her thoughts on gender research undertaken with the support of Legume Alliance partners in Tanzania and currently informing the UPTAKE project: During 2015 CABI commissioned iLogix to pilot an input brokerage system using beans in Tanzania as the target. The idea was that information on inputs could be […]

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Tanzanian maize farmers to receive 1 million SMS messages

21 March 2017: By the end of April 2017, the UPTAKE team expects that 1 million messages will have be sent out to maize farmers in the Southern Highlands. Stephanie Gakuo the UPTAKE project manager, explains: “We have been delivering SMS messages to farmers at scale for some time. In January 2017 we sent 276,414 SMS […]

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OFRA book

OFRA new book on Fertilizer Use Optimization in Sub-Saharan Africa

17 March 2017: A new 228 page book Fertilizer Use Optimization in Sub-Saharan Africa has been published by CABI to share the findings of the Optimizing Fertilizer Recommendations in Africa (OFRA) project. The publication is free to download from the ISFM materials library developed by the Africa Soil Health Consortium. The new publication  has been welcomed by AGRA. […]

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Karen Hampson sends a selfie from the IDRC visit March 2017

Funders visit SILT demo plots and seed growers

2 March 2017: The SILT partners in Tanzania are hosting Wendy Manchur and Jemimah Njuki from the projects funder IDRC. After spending a day reviewing the project in Dar Es Salaam the team is now visiting a number of different partners and visiting farmers to see the impact of SILT to date. This trip is designed to give IDRC a […]

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OFRA work shop December 2016

OFRA shares its lessons …

16 February 2017: The CABI team has been working closely with AGRA over the past few months to ensure that the lessons from OFRA are captured and shared. Working with facilitator Dr Sileshi Gudeta Weldesemayat, the principle investigators from 12 of the participating countries have been developing journal papers utilizing the data collected with the support of […]

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Kenay Soybean on hand

What agro-dealers think – a survey from Northern Ghana

GALA partner Green Ef has recently carried out surveys into the range of products being stocked by agro-dealers in Northern Ghana. They also recorded the comments made by the agro-dealers. These comments give us a useful insight into the opportunities and challenges perceived by the agro-dealers. We asked Green Ef to share the comments they collected in the Northern Region […]

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Soybean and the gender agenda…

7 February 2017: The ASHC team writes: We recently asked our colleagues at N2Africa ‘is soybean a woman’s crop?’ Ken Giller reminded us that we could not make generalizations – and that we had to explore the context and location to know. For the Ghanaian context Samuel Adjei-Nsiah came back with a great answer. He […]

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GALA newsletter published

GALA newsletter 2 has been produced and can be downloaded.

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A  soybean campaign plan for Ghana

10 January 2017 The GALA team writes: In the framework of the GALA project we are exploring how effective different media, and combinations of media, can be at encouraging farmers to trial and/or adopt improved legume technologies. There is a specific emphasis on how different promotional approaches impact on women and younger farmers. GALA works […]

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GALA newsletter published

GALA newsletter 1 has been published and is ready for downloading.

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