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Striga biology film – Part of the Fighting Striga film series

One of the major parasites is striga, a weed that sucks the juice and nutrients from cereal crops such as millet, sorghum and maize and causes great yield losses. A single striga plant can produce hundreds of thousands of seeds. The seeds are so tiny that most farmers do not know they are seeds. They really look more like black dust. But don’t be fooled. This is 1 of 10 films from the “Fighting Striga” series.

This film is available in both French and Portuguese and summaries in both languages can be found by following the link at the top right of the home page.



Striga biology explains how Striga, a parasitic weed, sucks nutrients from cereal crops especially millet, sorghum and maize and causes great yield losses.  ASHC supported Portuguese and Kiswahili translations of these films.

Arabic, Bambara, Bariba, Bomu, Buli, Chichewa, Dagaari, Dagbani, Dendi, English, Frafra, Gonja, Hausa, Kusaal, Moore, Nago, Peulh Fulfulde, Sisaala, Zarma, Swahili / Kiswahili, Wolof, Zarma
Target Audience:
Extensionists, Farmers, Large-scale farmer, Smallholder farmers, Students
Africa Soil Health Consortium, Agro-Insight, ICRISAT
Audio visual
Produced by Agro-Insight for ICRISAT
Reference Number:
ASHC 0316-L3

Produced by Agro-Insight for ICRISAT – translations into Portuguese and Kiswahili made possible by ASHC. The Fighting Striga film series has been awarded a gold classification by the International Visual Communications Awards 2014


Striga biology

All versions of this film are downloadable from the accessacgriculture site

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