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Radio transcript 7: Weeding beans (Campaign: Aug 2016)


First broadcast 15 September 2015 on Radio Sauti ya Injili (Broadcast in Kiswahili). Farm Radio International facilitated the development of this program with technical and financial supported from CABI - Africa Soil Health Consortium program.

Station: Saute ya injili

Name of the show: Kilimo ni Utafiti

Name of campaign: Maharage Bingwa

Time: The programs went out on Tuesday 18:00-18:30 (repeat: Thursday 21:00 - 21:30) and the interactive elements went out on the preceding Friday.

Start date: 4 August 2015

Ewe, Swahili / Kiswahili
Target Audience:
Agro-dealers, Farmers, Large-scale farmer, Smallholder farmers
Africa Soil Health Consortium, Farm Radio International, SARI Tanzania, Sauti ya injili
Audio/ radio script
East Africa, Tanzania
Joachim Japhet + Duncan Sones
Reference Number:

Format: Magazine show

Each week of the radio campaign was associated with an interactive element for listeners to give their feedback. A series of experts on the radio program dealt with questions that were selected for the show, but there was no comprehensive way of codifying and processing questions that did not get used on air. The programs went out on a Tuesday and the interactive elements went out on the preceding Friday.

  • Introduction
  • Testimony from farmers
  • Short music-about beans
  • Vox pop: advantages of controlling weeds
  • Panel discussion
  • Weather tips
  • Interview with farmers
  • Interview with expert
  • Expert answer farmers’ questions
  • Audience
  • SMS Review
  • Jingle/Ads
  • Outro
  • Question: right time to weed


Experts: Sophia Shekibaha and Confort Kibaja

Farmers: Rashidi Kimaro, Tiras Dori, Emmanuel Paulo, Angelina Anthony, Peter Josh, Rossina Tadei, Augustino Isidoro,

Presenters: Helen Madijongo with Samwel Shayo

Week: 7 of 17

Date: 15 September 2015

Objective: Advantages of controlling weeds in order to increase income from bean cultivation

Appropriate ways for weeding beans

Appropriate time for weeding beans


Radio Poll: When is the right time to start weeding your bean farm?

Beep4Tips: Important and appropriate inputs for killing weeds in your farm

7 Bean program (15 Sepetmber 2015) Weeding English & Kiswahili

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