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ISFM learning support materials (4/4) – PowerPoint

These materials are designed to support lecturers and trainers to deliver a series of up to 4 lectures based on the content of the ASHC manual for integrated soil fertility management:

  • Farming systems analysis (FSA)
  • History of past activities
  • Collection of biophysical data
  • Identification of dominant farming systems in each domain
  • Clustering farmers in groups
  • Land:labour ratio
  • Assessment of risk
  • Cropping systems analysis
  • Field inspection
  • Estimation of yield gaps
  • Frequency and timing of visits
  • Farm record keeping
  • Use of a cropping calendar
  • Use of participatory budgeting
  • Soil fertility assessment
  • Flows of resources between and within farms
  • Deficiency symptoms
  • Indicator plants
  • Soil sampling
  • Markets and socio-economic drivers
  • Policy environment and the role of governments
  • Markets
  • Market development
  • Ex ante analysis of ISFM technology performance
  • Agronomic efficiency (AE)
  • Economic incentives
  • Market performance
  • Data required for ex ante analysis
  • On-farm testing of ISFM technologies
  • Ex post analysis of ISFM technology performance
  • Scaling up and scaling out adoption of ISFM solutions
  • Development of a communication strategy
  • Development of extension materials
  • Communicating directly with farmers
  • Extension service providers
  • Types of media
  • Use of information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • Mobile phones
  • Computers for Internet access
  • Video
  • Data storage

Each of the PowerPoint slides has supporting notes to help a lecturer to explain all of the essential element of ISFM there are also suggestions for exercises to consolidate the learning.


Lecture 4 – Targeting ISFM options- is a set of 44 PowerPoint slides designed for lecturers and trainers to help students to gain an understanding about soil fertility - there are also suggested exercises to consolidate the learning. This PowerPoint presentation follows section 5 of the ASHC Handbook for Integrated Soil Fertility Management.


Target Audience:
Education, Extensionists, Students, Technical College, Trainers in ISFM, University
Africa Soil Health Consortium, Wageningen University and Research centre
Cropping Stages:
Growing/field management, Planning and land preparation, Planting
East Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa
Prepared by Greta van den Brand and Professor Ken Giller
Reference Number:
ASHC 0517-L1


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